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F AIR's campus in the Czech Republic provides a comprehensive and immersive training experience for aspiring pilots.


Students can expect a challenging but rewarding environment where they can develop their flying skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Flight Training

Flight training is the cornerstone of the pilot student experience at F AIR and includes both theoretical and practical components. Students will spend a significant amount of time flying with experienced instructors and using the latest flight training equipment.



F AIR provides comfortable and convenient student accommodation on campus, allowing students to live and study in close proximity to their flight training facilities.


Student's Free Time

In addition to flight training, students can participate in various extracurricular activities and events, such as sports, cultural outings, and social events, helping them to build relationships and develop a sense of community.




Support Services

F AIR offers a range of support services, including academic and career guidance, assistance in case of medical issues and dealing with local authorities. We simply help students succeed in their pilot training, to stay in Czech Republic and beyond.

Overall, life as a pilot student at F AIR in the Czech Republic is designed to provide a well-rounded training experience that prepares students for a successful career as an airline pilot.

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