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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program intended for?

The program is intended for those interested in a professional pilot's license and a job opportunity at the SMARTWINGS airline.

What is the goal of the program?

To ensure effective and high quality ATPL training, complemented by specific knowledge and skills required for subsequent seamless integration into the SMARTWINGS airline.

What are the deadlines for the program - when do applications need to be submitted, etc.?

  • Submission of applications to the CADET PROGRAM: until January 31, 2023

  • Selection process for candidates for the CADET PROGRAM: in February 2023

  • ATPL training course : March 2023 - August 2024

  • Selection procedure for the position of First Officer SMARTWINGS: September - November 2024

Are new pilots needed at all?

The whole world is talking about the so-called "pilot shortage. Statistics say that in 2025, very soon after you graduate, there will be a need for 30,000 new pilots worldwide. Below are the statistics on the need for new pilots in different regions of the world over a longer period of time:

Boeing prediction pilot demand till 2041.PNG

As you can see from the charts above, the statistics from the two largest manufacturers of transport aircraft, based in part on signed orders for transport aircraft for their respective markets and other factors, the interest in new transport pilots will be enormous over the next twenty years - the European market alone will need over 110,000 new pilots over the course of 20 years.

Can I apply for the program if I am a woman? I do not know many female pilots.

It is true that there is only a small percentage of female pilots in aviation. We, the F AIR flight school , support women in aviation and on the contrary we are very happy for women in aviation. As the society and the European Union support gender equality in general, the path to a successful career as a female pilot is completely open to you as a woman after successfully completing the program and the selection process.

What is the advantage of participating in the Smartwings 2023/2024 Cadet program compared to normal training at another flight school?


The entire program takes the form of integrated ATP(A) training in accordance with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) standards. The training begins with theoretical instruction, which then runs parallel to the practical flight training. During the course, students continuously take the theoretical ATPL exams and, at the end of the training, the practical exams CPL /IR/MEPflying.

The content and flow of the program are in accordance with Smartwings operational requirements, under the supervision of a professional guarantor and Smartwings approved instructors who also participate directly in the program. A major advantage is the MCC (multi-crew cooperation) course directly on the Boeing 737 simulator. In addition, after successful and timely completion of the training program, Smartwings airline guarantees you participation in the selection process for the position of F/O in the period September - November 2024.


An essential part of the program, unlike the standard course, is a special preparation for the selection process and familiarization with the Smartwings company.

Unlike the standard course, during the program you will:

  • Coordinate the deadlines for passing the final theoretical exams with UCL

  • Observation flights in the cockpit of SMARTWINGS aircraft

  • Excursion to different types of operations (planning, operations department, aircraft service and maintenance, ...)

  • Professional excursion (workplace ŘLP and Prague Airport)

  • Professional lectures and presentations by prominent personalities from the field of aviation

After I complete the program, I have to join Smartwings, am I bound to someone?

The goal of the program is to successfully take you to the selection process at Smartwings in the fall of 2024, successfully complete it, and begin your career as an F/O on a Boeing 737 with the largest Czech airline. However, you are not required to participate in the selection process. As part of the program, you will receive a EASA CPL (A)/MEP/IR(A) license with frozen ATPL and a certificate of completion of the MCC and AUPRT. You can apply for one hundred licenses with any European airline and, after a simple conversion, also outside Europe.

​What are your requirements for applicants to the Smartwings Cadet program?

You need to have:

  • Completed high school education

  • English proficiency at the B2 level according to the European reference framework

  • Class I health certificate (we will be happy to help you arrange a medical examination)

The program is intended for applicants without flight experience up to the level PPL (A) - an appropriate part of your flight experience will be recognized in the integrated course according to the regulations

How much does it cost and who funds the Smartwings program?

The cadet price of the Smartwings program 2023/2024 is fully comparable with contemporary courses in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, the content of which is training to obtain a CPL (A) license with MEP/IR qualifications and ATPL(A) theory certificates (ATPL(A) frozen), AUPRT and MCC. We will provide all interested parties with a specific price quote based on an evaluation of their entry-level requirements and previous flight experience.

We realize that not everyone has the necessary financial resources for 18 months. That is why we offer you the possibility of financing with a loan in cooperation with Komerční banka.


​​Ivo Rozmanit

Training Operations Manager/Flight Instructor

Mobil:+420 737 553 260


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