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Every year, we exceed our past results in the numbers not only of pilot training graduates, but also of Junior Flight Officers hired by airlines worldwide. Currently, we offer two cadet programs with Travel Service/SmartWings and F AIR. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details; we will be happy to provide further information.

F AIR Flight Instructor

F AIR’s Flight Instructor program is ideal for those interested in gaining unique, extensive experience in small-plane flying and a professional flight instructor background. Trainees enjoy a variety of perks and benefits, including opportunities for personal development and the option of expanding their instructor qualifications further. This program is intended mainly for small-plane enthusiasts and those interested in passing on their skills and experience. Join our team today!

Entry Requirements:

Class I medical clearance. Applicants must pass a screening process.


Travel Service/SmartWings
Travel Service/SmartWings
Travel Service/SmartWings Junior F/O Program

Registration for the year 2018 is closed!

The Travel Service/SmartWings Junior F/O program is unique in the Czech Republic. It is intended for rookie pilots and licensed pilots up to PPL(A) and NIGHT qualification. The selection process for the program is operated by Travel Service/SmartWings directly and consists of an interview and a test of general English skills.

Selected candidates may join either a modular or an integrated training program. Trainees will meet their future colleagues in the role of instructors, particularly in the IR(A) SEP section. They will also participate in several observer flights. All cadets must complete an upset recovery course; a full aerial acrobatics course is available as an elective. All training and courses from IR(A) SEP level are held exclusively in English. A major advantage of the program is the option to absolve the modules of the assessment of the airlines during the training; for example, the practical test is done on F AIR’s simulator after graduating the IR(A) SEP module. During the program, trainees will have the opportunity to visit Travel Service/SmartWings’ facilities and tour around the company’s various departments. In the latter phases of the program, trainees are required to attend lessons in uniform.

Entry Requirements:

Class I medical clearance. Pilot license not higher than PPL(A)/NIGHT. Applicants must pass a selection process.

Contact us for more information at: or +420 725 502 551

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